Styllar Launches Custom NFT Avatar Builder On Terra March 2022 | Free Minting, Passive Income & Airdrops

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Styllar avatar builder

Since the boom in NFTs (non fungible tokens) has been getting more frantic over these past few months there has also been a rapid development of the tools that are needed to make it fun and exciting for users and participants to interact with each other.

NFTs can also be used as avatars so it was only a matter of time before tools would be created that allow users to easily create or mint unique NFTs that can be used as avatars. One such application is about to be launched by on the Terra blockchain and it’s called the Styllar custom NFT avatar builder.

Styllar avatar builder

Styllar is launching the first-ever nonfungible token (NFT) avatar builder on the Terra blockchain on March 15. The Terra community can build custom NFT avatars using Styllar Avatar Builder and collectible Styllar items. The builder is a crucial part of the project’s roadmap and allows a myriad of possibilities:

  • Customizing and minting high-quality, limited NFTs
  • Exporting custom NFT avatars as profile pictures
  • Customizing oneself or creating unique characters in the metaverse
  • A dynamic ranking and value system on items in the Styllar marketplace and Fuser
  • Item deflation, which adds value to items remaining on the market
  • A higher passive income with the original Styllar collection and future airdrops.
free avatar generator

What is Avatar Builder? 

Styllar NFT Avatar Builder is a proprietary service of more than 550 items and traits with various quantities, levels of rarity and future utility. Styllar items and traits can be combined to create custom avatars with various attributes — and the rarer the traits, the more powerful the avatar. 

Once a user has the items they desire, they can mint a custom Styllar avatar. All items used in the builder will be burned, allowing only one use. This approach will encourage users to carefully consider the items they want to mint, creating scarcity. 

The builder is free to use and lets users build multiple custom avatars, so long as bodies and items are available. 

Styllar airdrops

How does Avatar Builder work? 

  1. Go to Avatar Builder to build a custom NFT avatar.
  2. Connect a wallet.
  3. Select body types, traits and items from an existing collection, the Styllar marketplace, an online NFT marketplace such as Random Earth, or by fusing and upgrading items in Styllar Fuser
  4. Mint the avatar.
  5. Upgrade, trade or sell the custom collectible avatar. 

After the custom avatar has been minted, the items used cannot be unbound. Items and traits can only be replaced with other items in the same category, but the item replaced will be burned and no longer available in the inventory. 

Avatar building is the future

The next evolution of social connection is digital and everyone will need a digital representation of themselves. Some may want avatars that reflect their real-world selves, while others may wish to create entirely new interpretations of themselves. Styllar Avatar Builder can create a customizable likeness of oneself or a whole new look and persona.

With the roadmap’s completion in record time, the team is proud of Avatar Builder and the uniquely superior economic value it brings to Styllar. However, the builder is just the beginning.

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