KuCoin Margin Trading Lists PEOPLE USDT Trading Pair | ConstitutionDAO Bonus Coupons & Trading Fees

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With the addition of the ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) asset and trading pair, KuCoin’s Margin Trading platform has enhanced the variety of assets available and now offers more diversified assets than ever.

New Margin Asset: PEOPLE
New Borrowable Asset: PEOPLE
New Margin Pair: PEOPLE/USDT

🎁Listing Bonus: To celebrate the new listing, KuCoin has randomly placed coupons into traders’ accounts.
*How to claim: Trading interface > Get Bonus

*Coupons can be used to borrow funds at 0 interest for long or short in Margin Markets, and only through the coupon interface.

*How to use: Click Coupon > Transfer > Borrow > Trade

What is KuCoin’s margin charge?

As with spot trading, makers and takers pay 0.1 % for margin trading pairs.

What is the price per trade for KuCoin?

Trading fees for KuCoin start at just 0.1%. Paying fees with Kucoin’s token, KCS coin, will give you a 20% discount. As a result, the trading fee is reduced to just 0.08%.

Margin Instruction:



Risk Warning from KuCoin:

Margin trading refers to the practice of borrowing funds with a relatively lower amount of capital to trade financial assets and obtain bigger profits. However, due to market risks, price fluctuations, and other factors, traders are strongly recommended to be prudent about their investment actions, to adopt an appropriate leverage level for margin trading, and to properly stop their losses in a timely manner.KuCoin says it assumes no responsibility for any losses arising from a trade.


The KuCoin Margin Team also said it reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this announcement.



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