KuCoin Labs Reports On Blockchain Syndicate DAO Protocol Reducing Risks For DeFi Crypto Projects 2022

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Syndicate DAO DeFi

The recent upsurge of activity in the crypto regulatory environment has not gone unnoticed by the global blockchain community. Are there worrying times ahead for crypto with possible overreach by governments that could stifle growth and innovation in this rapidly expanding new asset class?

As always though, the crypto community is staying one step ahead. The rapid expansion of the DAO governance sector could provide a possible solution for the regulatory risks that are looming on the horizon for DeFi protocols and other crypto sectors.

Kucoin Labs reports that the growth of the blockchain Syndicate DAO platform is a good example, with over 450 DAOs being formed in three weeks. Some innovative countries are also getting involved – the recent announcement by the Marshall Islands that it will recognize DAOs as legal entities is a great step in the right direction.

Syndicate DAO DeFi

Will DeFi be regulated?

“If DeFi aims to reduce regulatory risk, the form of DeFi governance will gradually become a DAO,” writes KuCoin Labs in its annual report.

KuCoin Labs, the investment and research arm of crypto exchange KuCoin, has released its annual report, predicting that decentralized finance (DeFi) will still be a significant trend in the crypto industry in 2022 and governance will be run through decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).

Can you lose money in DeFi?

With the DeFi ecosystem continuing to be plagued by criminal whales, the risks of financial loss within the sector are becoming more apparent. Because of this, calls to regulate decentralized finance began taking flight in 2021, and the sector has started to face enforcement actions over the past year.

As regulators close in on DeFi, KuCoin Labs has predicted that the industry may turn to DAO governance to reduce regulatory risks:

“If DeFi aims to reduce regulatory risk, the form of DeFi governance will gradually become a DAO.”

According to KuCoin Labs, a DAO that puts community interest first can carry out “true governance decentralization.” This is why the exchange has forecasted that the industry will see a shift in DeFi governance being coordinated using different mechanisms.

KuCoin Labs also suggested that the fundamental operational principles of DAOs are reasonable enough to be employed as foundations for the creation of legal entities. While the industry may not witness a DAO expansion breakthrough in the coming year, the report notes that refining their mechanisms may set the stage for their adoption by companies and corporations as well.

What is Syndicate DAO?

Meanwhile, blockchain-based protocol Syndicate recently announced that 450 new DAOs were created within its platform in a span of three weeks. It claims this accounts for 10% of all DAOs in existence.

Apart from this, the Marshall Islands recently recognized DAOs as legal entities, meaning that they can register and operate legally within the Pacific island nation’s jurisdiction. Collectively, this represents proof that the DAO governance structure is indeed starting to become more prevalent in the blockchain world.

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