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Earth Fund DAO

In climate conservation, there is too much rhetoric that dominates the conversation, but one group is changing that.

Humanity’s present and future is in danger due to global warming. Numerous initiatives have been undertaken to slow down its progress around the world, with no less than 26 COP meetings (Conferences of Parties) since the first Rio Earth Summit in 1992.

Was COP26 successful or a failure?

Two main features have dominated these major initiatives and the agreements that followed. Firstly, an overreliance on big businesses and the politicians has prevailed to drive the agenda. And second, all the meetings have made lofty promises of action but then they ultimately underdelivered with a lack of implementation.

This has resulted in a global population that feels excluded from these important deliberations on such vital matters. In addition, the sustainability has been weak and moved in fits and starts, so that objectives were seldom achieved. No progress will be made until this situation changes and this challenge has been taken up by Earth Fund

Earth Fund DAO

What is the 1Earth Fund?

The Earth Fund is a climate-conscious decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that champions the inclusion of everyone in climate conservations and has adopted Web 3.0 and blockchain technology to achieve that. 

Alex Vergara, Earth Fund’s community and communication lead, speaking on the DAO’s mission, shares, “We’re building Earth Fund to become a platonic ideal for how we can work together to fight climate change.” 

The DAO lays a strong emphasis on democratic participation. Vergara emphasizes that the Earth Fund community will “follow the science, vote transparently and democratically, prevent any outside influence, and fund the worthiest projects that can make the biggest impact.”

What is 1Earth crypto?

To the Earth Fund, the future of sustainability lies in decentralized efforts that will draw citizens passionate about this conservation. The Fund presents an alternative to centralized efforts like the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26).

The platform’s community will have access to experts who’ll help them vet worthy projects to support and fund. One such expert is Lucy Tweed, the organization’s climate science advisor.

Lucy explains what separates Earth Fund from other platforms: “Earth Fund is the total opposite to billionaire-funded foundations, or to the typical black-box style charitable giving where you’re not entirely sure where your money ends up going. Earth Fund is giving money directly to projects on the ground in a totally transparent way,” they say.

Earth Fund has teamed up with the KuCoin exchange to issue its native cryptocurrency, The 1Earth Coin, an ERC-20 cryptocurrency that provides utility and governance, lets users become the DAO’s member, and gives a right to vote on the key platform issues.  

Achievements and the OCO Crew

Earth Fund has made strides in the last year, including reaching the 200,000 membership milestone, “thanks to the COP 26 fiasco,” and doubling the impact of OCO Crew, a global reforestation and carbon capture project.

The platform intends to further develop its efforts, like launching testing its DAO’s UX and introducing custom tools and integrations. Further, it aims to launch its Discord channels and upgrade its crowdfunding tools.

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