Circle And Coinbase Back XLM Stablecoin As Stellar USDC Launched On Okcoin Exchange USA 2022

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Okcoin Stellar USDC

Ever since the Circle Internet Financial group and Coinbase launched the USDC stablecoin it’s market cap has increased at a steady. Tether is still the dominant force in the crypto stablecoin space but USDT’s dominance is now being challenged by the growth of the USDC coin.

In line with this growth comes the recent announcement by the Stellar Development Foundation that it has partnered with the Circle and Coinbase backed stablecoin to get Stellar USDC listed on the Okcoin Exchange.

Okcoin became the first crypto exchange in the US to announce the development as a result of the SDF and Okcoin partnership.

Okcoin Stellar USDC

The integration now allows Okcoin users to conveniently and easily access USDC’s low cost and speed with Stellar’s security and safety. 

Given the popularity Stellar USDC has amassed in the market, the listing intrigued users about Okcoin too. Many Okcoin exchange reviews point out that OKCoin is an excellent exchange for the advanced trading of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. The exchange is highly liquid and has a highly responsive platform that is trusted by many people from all over the world. 

Hong Fans, Okcoin’s CEO, talked about the recent development as well.

According to Hong, the exchange is proud to be the first exchange in the United States market to bring the much-awaited Stellar USDC. The CEO added that stablecoins hold a prominent role in modern decentralized assets and the economy. Since Stellar USDC offers speed, security, and utility, it is the ideal fit for Okcoin’s operations.

Denelle Dixon, Stellar Development Foundation’s CEO and Executive Director, also commended the integration. According to Denelle, the listing will allow US users to utilize USDC. It will facilitate expanding use-cases and payments in the region. Denelle thanked Okcoin for offering access to the USDC, giving utmost exposure.

Stellar USDC facilitates quick transactions at minimal transaction cost across the globe. It enables remittances, offers next-gen treasury management, and also has the support of several prominent ventures. Stellar USDC’s listing on Okcoin makes the development a much-awaited one for the market.

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